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DBA Solutions offer a wide range of database related services, all of which can be tailored to provide out of hours support in order to meet your business needs.


DBA Solutions can provide Database Administrators (DBA) who are trained and proficient in a multitude of different database technologies; Oracle, MongoDB, Cloudera Hadoop and Microsoft SQL Server. Whatever the flavour of the core database, all of our consultants are highly skilled at working with Business Critical systems which contain very large data sets (magnitude of multiple TB and billions of rows). As a company we are platform agnostic - we aim the deliver the right solution across your chosen platforms. Our DBAs will use best practises to deliver services such as systems monitoring, capacity management, backup and disaster recovery checks.

DBA Solutions proactive DBAs will quickly identify and resolve potential problems before they manifest themselves into a loss of service or performance.


Whether it is a Client-Server application or based on a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) stack, we can bring to your company many years experience of levering technologies and frameworks to ensure your architecture can meet the demands of a growing business.  Some of the many consultancy services we provide:

  • Database installation, configuration and upgrades.
  • Database and application tuning.
  • Data Warehouse design, installation and maintenance.
  • Database (including RAC and OS) health checks.


If your data contains geographical elements such as addresses or post codes, we can help you to visualise your data by plotting the data on a series of maps. We can group the data as heat maps, clusters or summary totals.  Our professional Business to Business (B2) mapping services will be tailored to your exact requirements.

This activity can be carried out either on-site or remotely. We value your data as much as you do.  We comply with and fully understand the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulations. For your GDPR assurance, we would look to provide you with a GDPR compliant Data Processing Agreement. We only store data on premise or in the cloud on AES-256 (or higher) encrypted storage and only retain the data for the duration of the task.   As you would expect client confidentiality is everything to us.   We are so confident of our processes that we happy to produce and sign mutual Non-Disclosure agreements with our clients.

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Moving data between systems, especially across platforms can prove to be very problematic and costly in terms of time and resources.  DBA Solutions will work with your team using a variety of methodologies (scripting, transportable tablespaces, DataPump, Import / Export, commercial tools etc ) to ensure that your data is in the right place, the right format at the right time.

IT Training Needs – Training is one of the most overlooked areas within IT projects. Training can contribute to a higher quality of service management and it can also lead to more productive and responsive employees.  DBA Solutions consultants have a wealth of experience with regards to identifying any gap between the skills your business needs and those of your employees with regards to IT Support.  We can carry out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for all your IT staff to ensure that you maximise your Return on Investment (ROI) and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your IT applications.

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